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woensdag 30 mei 2012


I want those!!



Marc by Marc Jacobs

looks just like candy

Shot 2

Soul in Hebrew


Outfit of the day

My fourth Look of the day pic! 

  • Ray ban aviators
  • Bag is from Longchamp the smaller version in white
  • T-shirt is from It Hippie
  • "Gillet" is from H&M
  • Jeans are from Goodies
  • Shoes from Marcoz
  • Grey blazer from Zara (on the chair)

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

 আপনি শীঘ্রই দেখুন (see you soon!)

Love, Aviva


Hey honeys!
I don't believe there is anyone who doens't love bags..
This is my favourite bag of all times! The Balenciaga bag : it's timeless and sooo pretty and they sell it in every size, shape and color! The less amazing part about this bag is the price :( quiiiteee expensive! Well, one day he will be mine, haha it is so nice to dream.. NOT
The classic one

Balenciaga clutch

how cute is this one?!
fins aviat (see you soon!)

Love, Aviva

Quote of the day

dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Outfit of the day

We all LOVE high waisted shorts!
Here 2 pictures of me with my favourite high waisted short of the moment!

This picture waas taking in Bangkok in December 2012
Laster arte (see you soon!)

Love, Aviva
This picture was taken in London last summer!

Lookbook 2

Enough with the depressing colors and dull prints!
This summers it's all about pastels, florals and bright colors.
It brings you and everybody around you in a good mood!
I think adding a little bit of color to your wardrobe is an excellent thing, If you aren't used to so much "brightness" lol start with something small like a bag or some jewelry!
Well i'm in love with this new trend!
what's your opinion?

Կտեսնվենք ( see you soon!)

Love, Aviva

Quote of the day


I just can't stop blogging about fashion!
I love what Chanel Iman is wearing. It is a laid back look but still a little bit edgy, just the way I like it!
Her shoes are awesome I really like the buckled detailing in the front.
Let me know what you think!

shihemi së shpejti (see you soon! :D)

Love, Aviva 

New York New York

I'm taking you all with me to my trip in NYC
Hope you all enjoy my pictures!

 sien julle binnekort ( see you soon! :D)

Love, Aviva

My first picture of the famous yellow taxi's!
Starbucks in NYC what more do you want?!

the gorgeous view from the MoMa

Soho street fashion
Soho street fashion

After a long day of shopping you get hungry..

you haven't been to NY if you haven't eaten a cupcake.

Soho street fashion
Soho street fashion
Some action in Soho

Outfit of the day

My second Look of the day pic, which I've obviously did not make in the same day as the other! 
This look is ideal for Summerrrr, you can dress this look up with a nice pair of heels  

-The skirt is from New look 
- top is from Forever 21

Hope you like it!

看到您的到來 ! ( see you soon :D)

Love, Aviva

Outfit of the day

Hey Loves,
This is my first fashion/ look of the day picture.
 I am so excited!
  • My sweater/Poncho is from Japonica 
  • My jeans is from C.R.A.F.T
  • My shoes are from Aldo
  • My hat is from NafNaf
Hope you like it

à bientôt (see you soon! :D)

Love, Aviva

Let me introduce myself!

Hey loves,
my name is Aviva Knoll I am 18 years old and live in fashion city Antwerp!
I'm going to blog about the newest trends and share my other passions with you which are photography and art. Hope "y'all" enjoy my blog haha :D

See you soon!

Love, Aviva

ps: for who's wondering, this is me