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dinsdag 18 december 2012

Outfit Of The Day and Night!

Hey loves,
I've got a new video for youuu!
It's an casual outfit which you can dress up or down as you wish.
Hope you enjoy this video!

Here's the link to the OOTD

maandag 17 december 2012


Hey loves,
I am officially back from Rome.
I'm truly blessed to have been giving such an amazing opportunity!
I've learned so much of this experience, that makes me so happy.
I feel that I have become a better and grown woman.
I would like to thank my parents (because I know they read my blog hihi) for everything they have done for me, and for always being there for me.
Now that i'm back i've promised I would work a bit more on my youtube channel!
So here's a start!

I hope you enjoy this video, 
and pls take a moment to subscribe :)

Have a great day!
xoxo Aviva

vrijdag 16 november 2012

Not Another Rome Post?!

Hey loves,
i'm sorry for not having posted anything new for you guys.
But I have been so busy here, and I will be honest with you..
I did not feel like posting something about Rome AGAIN.
Let me know if I am the only one feeling this way, 
because of course If you like to see more pictures of Rome let me know.
It would be my pleasure sharing them with you!
So I haven't had much time, because I've been going to my classes quite often now 
(yes you read it well, i've been going to school lol).

But even thought I have not been doing any research in Rome, I was able to find out some not so pleasant things when just lying in bed (no weird thoughts please).
Rome has been known for being a metropolitan city, 
and for a girl coming from a much smaller city, known as Antwerp... 
It's not that easy to get used to a few things.
"Such as what?" you may think, "you live in Rome, what's there to complain?!" you think...
Well one of the things I haven't been able to get used to after almost three months, is the noise.
There is A LOT going on here in Rome.
And this may not be the city that never sleeps, 
but it's definitely the city that never sleeps on a saturday morning! 
Saturday morning workers rebuild the building, it's a common thing here 
(and with morning I do not mean 12 o'clock in the afternoon haha, I actually 
 mean 8 o'clock in the morning).
And no, I am not exaggeration, if it wouldn't be this bad I would not mention it.

As you may or may not know, the most used transport in Rome are the busses.
They as well, make an incredible amount of noise.
Whenever they pass you, when you are walking on the pavement, they make a very loud "explosive" noise which always intend to scare the shit out of me.
Every single time!

Another thing about the busses, whenever they decide to change their road to their normal destination (because of a manifestation, which happens all the time btw),
they will NOT tell you.
All of a sudden you notice you are at the Colosseum.
And it happens only when you try to get on time to school.

A random fact now.
Italian women will not sweat, not even a bit,
when wearing fur coats,hats,boots and scarfs.
when it's 20°C outside!!
I don't know how they do not "melt". 
I could never pull that off.

Well of course Rome is still A fabulous city. 
Wherever you sit, you have a beautiful view, and a gelato store on every corner. 
Yellow and white houses everywhere that gives Rome that ancient look, I simply adore. 
It is amazing how the city is a mix of ancient history and the modern day life.
And I guess the noise, the traffic and sometimes very rude people, makes part of what makes Rome so charming.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day!

Xoxo Aviva


zondag 4 november 2012

Lazy Sundays

Hey loves,
I really don't have anything interesting to share with you guys..
But when I'm bored, i'm going to post random things.
That's just how it goes haha.

But you might think how can you be bored in Rome?!
Well I don't know, I woke up sooo late because I went out yesterday.
And now I'm just chilling at home with my youtube on of course!!
But hey I'm aloud having an lazy sunday sometimes :)

Here a random picture of me taking about 5 min ago.
And you can taste the boredom from a distance haha.

Hope you guys are having a lazy sunday as well, 
so we can be lazy togetherrrrr!

Ps: if you where wondering, my cozy sweater is from Zara :)

Xoxo Aviva

zaterdag 3 november 2012

Fabulous Days

Hey loves,
Long time no talk!
I am so sorry about that, but I have had some problems with my blog!!! :(
But now everything is finally almost back to normal.
As you may know I'm still living my life in beautiful but cold Rome,
and I'm really enjoying it here.

Of course I miss my home as well, especially now when the weather is cosy and everybody wants to chill at home.
But In a month i'm heading back home.

My best friend Rachel came to visit me here, we had soooo much fun!
I will share with you guys some pictures we have taken the last couple of days.
I did quite some shopping as well, but I promise when I'm back home I will make a HUGE collective haul for you guys!

I don't want to film in Rome anymore because the lighting is so terrible, the houses here are so tiny and all upon each other (if that makes any sense haha) and that's why there isn't a lot of light coming into the building!

Oke I will stop with "talking" now, and let's get right into the pictures!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful day.
ps: sorry for the poor quality of the pictures they where all taking with my phone..

Enjoying delicious coffee and a dolce!

Shopping in Romeeee,
well..window shopping hahaha

Jeffrey Campbell

Off to a Halloween partyyy

Amazing street artist

@ the disney store having fun like a baby!

Welcome to heaven???

Xoxo Aviva

zondag 21 oktober 2012

Roma é bellissima!

Hey loves,
today I had a really exhausting but wonderful day.
I haven't stood still for a moment.
I have walked the 550 steps at the Vatican!
I went to visit the Vatican, the st. Pietro basilica and La Villa Borghese.
The last one was my personal favorite of the day, 
I have found my perfect relax spot with an amazing view.
And the temperature is just perfect when you go to La Villa Borghese in the afternoon, because it has been extremely hot in Rome the pas couple of weeks!
So not too warm and not cold, just perfect!
I will share with you now all the pictures I have taken today.

Hope you all had a wonderful day as well!

 The view from way up above!

Villa Borghese!

 Xoxo Aviva