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zondag 5 augustus 2012

MoMu: Fashion museum in Antwerp

Hey loves,
today I went with my good friend from Holland (Lotte), to the fashion museum in Antwerp.
the exposition went about women's fashion from 1750-1950 from the collection of Jacoba de Jonge, and I really recommend it to you guys! It was very interesting but not my cup of tea of clothes, i'm happy I live know and not then. It's crazy how much those women had to wear! When you look at the pictures you will see one of a white screen with 6 different clothing items, can you believe that was what ONE woman had to wear?! A corset maybe made you look thin but it was and is extremely unhealthy for a woman's body.

Ofcourse the gowns were very pretty and it's extraordinary how everything was made by hand! Even from a distance you could see the detailing on a dress was phenomenal. What was interesting is that the women in the early days ( and than i'm talking about the rich women's) had an outfit for every possible occasion! Can you imagen what that would have cost back in the days, because fabrics where very expensive. 

But if you don't feel like going or you just can't because you live somewhere else lol, I photographed almost all of the dresses! :)

Hope you enjoyed is as much as I did!
xoxo Aviva

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