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zondag 21 oktober 2012

Roma é bellissima!

Hey loves,
today I had a really exhausting but wonderful day.
I haven't stood still for a moment.
I have walked the 550 steps at the Vatican!
I went to visit the Vatican, the st. Pietro basilica and La Villa Borghese.
The last one was my personal favorite of the day, 
I have found my perfect relax spot with an amazing view.
And the temperature is just perfect when you go to La Villa Borghese in the afternoon, because it has been extremely hot in Rome the pas couple of weeks!
So not too warm and not cold, just perfect!
I will share with you now all the pictures I have taken today.

Hope you all had a wonderful day as well!

 The view from way up above!

Villa Borghese!

 Xoxo Aviva