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maandag 3 september 2012

OOTD White On White

Hey Loves,
For todays Outfit Of The Day I went with a new trend called white on white.
I think this trend is gorgeous not only because white is my favorite "color" but also because I think white is such an elegant and fresh color.

 It is a great color on everyone, you can wear this color on practically everything!
When you are wearing different colors, bright colors in an outfit the color white will even out the "craziness" in your outfit. 
And I love white because it's a color you can wear every season thanks to the fact that there are loads of different shades of white.
There are warmer whites and colder shades of white...

But to go on with the white on white trend, I really like it because it's super easy to wear and it gives everybody a classy look.
I am wearing a white laid back sweater, which is off the shoulder from Forever 21 with a white short short from Bershka.
To add a just a bit of color I'm wearing my gorgeous skull scarf from Zara.
I really love the detailing on this scarf and I love the fact that the scarf itself is very neutral but has a touch of different colors in it as well.
For my shoes I am wearing some brown ankle booties from H&M.
They have a buckle on the side which I thought was very cute.
The only problem with these shoes is that the buckle is the only way of closing the shoe.
You can close the shoe with two very fragile little buttons, so if that breaks you can't close your shoe.
And of course that's what happened to my shoe :p, but luckily for me I have a very handy mother who could fix it!
But for such a cheap price( I don't remember exactly, but not more than 20 euro's) you can't except the best quality.
My bag is a bag from Zadig &Voltaire.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day,
I wish everybody lots of luck for those who already started school!
Let me know what you think about this trend/look.
Thank you so much to those who follow my blog :)

Xoxo Aviva

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Jodie zei

great outfit.
im not a white fan (to mush of a messy person) but i love to mix textures like this in an all black outfit.