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woensdag 5 september 2012

Printend Leggings Part Two

Hey loves,
For yesterdays OOTD I am wearing my favorite printed leggings!
I bought them a few years ago at Forever 21 in London.
I love everything about printed leggings, 
they make an outfit so much more special and make them stand out!
Of course you need to know how to wear them like I said before in one of my previous posts,
 when I was talking about the Leopard printed legging.
I explained everything there, but yes everybody has her/his own style 
and you can wear it just the way you like it!
It is just the way I like to wear printed leggings :).
At the bottom of this post you'll find the link to my older post about Printed Leggings Part One (OOTN).

So today I am wearing my Zadig&Voltaire T-shirt (the one my sweet boyfriend gave me),
with my denim studded jacket from Zara.
My leggings are from Forever 21 as you already knew,
my ankle booties are from Aldo in New York.
And my bag is from Zadig&Voltaire as well.
For accessories I am wearing my every day infinity neckless from Diamanti Per Tutti,
one ring with studs from Forever 21 and a ring with a peace sign from a random shop in Turkey
and some very cute skull earrings which I have bought in Grece in a random shop as well.
My sunglasses are from Ray Ban.

I really need to wash my shoes :D

Hope you like my outfit
and I wish you all a wonderful day!
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Printed Leggings Part One

Xoxo Aviva

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Love your boots!!