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woensdag 26 september 2012


Hey loves,
Sorry for not having posted anything new, the reason for that is because I  just moved to the most beautiful city in the world... Rome!
I'm staying here for three months, to learn Italian.
The first two days I was with my mother, to take care of the last practical stuff.
Now she left for Belgium and I am alone for the first time of my life in a place I've never been before.
Of course I am not completely alone, I'm staying in a host family.
And I am a very anxious person, so I think you can probably guess how I am feeling right now.. FREAKED OUT!
But I'm trying to calm myself down, and just enjoy being here.
Because how many 18 year old students can say that they are living three months in Rome?!!
And the fact that I am HERE is already such a great achievement.

To learn Italian was not the only reason why I decided to do this.
The other reason is to get over all of my fears, and to get to know myself.
This may sound "cliché" to some of you, but I am a girl with 0 self-esteem, and maybe a lot of you won't even believe me but it's true and it has been like this all of my life.
And it's time for it to stop.
This is the perfect way to do so, going to a place where I know no one, and start over :). 

So the first days where quit stressful because I didn't know anybody yet, but the city itself and the food here made it all better! The gastronomy is heavenly. Now it's already wednesday and I got to know some really cool and nice people.
I'm loving it here!

Everyday I have class, where we learn Italian ( A lot of italian lol) , 
but I never have class all day long, it's or in the morning or in the afternoon.
And then we are free to explore Rome!

Of course I've already went shopping, how can't I?! I'm in Romeeee!!
The stores here are amazing, the clothes are so nice, i'm in the country of fashion.
How better can it get?
So soon I will make some new outfits of the day for you guys.

spaghetti pomodoro my favorite!

La bella mama <3

Gelato mmm

Me and my car.. I wish!

benvenuti a casa mia!

First day of sight seeing

Gelato and more gelato..

second day of sight seeing!

 Breathtaking view

Ciao loves!

Xoxo Aviva

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