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woensdag 5 september 2012

Me & My Dr.Martens

Hey loves,
have you already met my beautiful lilac Dr.Martens?
Even with the most sturdy shoes I always manage to stay girly haha!
I loveeeee those shoesso much, they are so fabulous.
The only problem I have with mine is that they give me so many blisters! :(
Do you have the same problem with yours?
Please let me know, because sometimes there was a problem with the way the shoe was made but maybe I just have to keep wearing them till they don't hurt anymore.
My feet hurt to much now though, it's so bad that I can only wear sandals because of them!
Such a shame.. I think they are absolutely amazing and such statement shoes.

Let me know if you have/had the same problem with your Dr.Martens

I am wearing my knitted sweater from Zara, 
with my studded Batman t-shirt from Bershka.
Paired with some plain black legggings from H&M 
and my lilac Dr.Martens.
For my hair I used my Bun Donut.

Hope you like my outfit! :)

Xoxo Aviva

4 opmerkingen:

Jodie zei

Beautiful DMs. I had the sane problem st first and just wore them with either two pairs or one pair of thick socks a couple of times until they loosened up.

Maria Chloe zei

I did have the same problem when I first got my Dr. Martens. You just need to wear them in and it will all be fine!(:

Jodie zei

thank you for the lovely comment- no need to thank me for the advice. no one should have to avoid wereing their dms!

Clara Turbay zei

Excellent suggestions whenever I visit your blog.