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vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

Outfit of the night

Hey loves,
This post goes along with my post: "All my party people",
 I am going to show you guys what I wore to go out for dinner that night!
Afterwards we went partying but that wasn't planned at all so you might not think this is a party outfit but I don't mind, I think it's a very cute outfit for going out with friends and the high heeled ankle booties make the outfit ok for partying (in my opinion).
Of course I have to admit I wouldn't choose this outfit to go to a club but hey life is full of surprises and you have to rock anything you are wearing no matter what the situation is! :)

So for my outfit I am wearing a black shirt which I think is so fabulous
 because the sleeves are sheer as well as the back of the shirt! 
This makes the outfit a bit more sexy.
The shirt is from a shop called Coco&Co and it is from a brand called Daphnea.
I paired the shirt with my favorite dressy high wasted shorts.
I love the material of these shorts they are so versatile, you can wear them almost every season, and they are very cute in the fall and winter with some stockings pants and boots!
I got them at Urban Outfitters when I was in Miami and they are from a brand called Sparkle&Fade.
And I am wearing my booties from Nasty Gal and the brand is called N.Y.L.A.
This was the first time I went out partying with these shoes 
and I was so well surprised they didn't hurt me at all!

They were super comfortable, gorgeous and they make me very tall so definitely worth the prize!
This is the first time that I found high heeled shoes that doensn't hurt me, I only began feeling pain at 4 o'clock in the morning which is amazing!
My bag is my favorite bag right now, 
this is a vintage messenger back which I've found in my mothers closet!

Let me know what you think.
Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Xoxo Aviva

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