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vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

OOTD skirt-shorts :)

Hey loves,
today i'm wearing the cutest shorts everrrrr!
They are skirt-shorts because they look like a skirt but they aren't haha :D
And what I love about them is that they have lots of dogs on them!! 
Like how cute is that?!
I bought them in Zara in London and they where on sale (whoop).
I thought it was very nice to pair my shorts with a black shirt which has a translucent back.
I bought my shirt in the shop Coco&Co and the brand is called Daphnea.
My black peep-toe pumps with little bows in the front are from Zara.
The shorts were a bit too big, so I took a random black belt I found in my closet and it matched perfectly!
For accessories I wore my Zadig&Voltaire watch with a bracelet from Forever 21 and my Neck less from Diamanti per Tutti.

So yeah I'm so sorry for my pictures, I took them very fast yesterday evening.
Because first of all i'm kinda known for being too late everywhere I go, and I know that's not a good quality i've got, I just can't estimate time.
But I swear I am working on it! :D
So yes, yesterday I was getting ready to go out for dinner with my boyfriend,
and I just couldn't find anything that looked nice with my shorts!
When I finally found the perfect match, I said to myself that I should take some pictures for my outfit of the day!
And I took a few but not as many as I normally take, so I'm sorry for that!
And the pictures where you actually see me, I don't really like.
But I will still put them on my blog for you guys!
Because I love you :D

I hope you like my outfit of the day, 
let me know what you think,
and I will talk to you soon!

Hope you are all having a nice day!
xoxo Aviva

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