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zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

My Lotte

Hey sweethearts,
my beautiful friend from Holland came to visit me in Antwerp for a couple of days.
We had soooo much fun!
Care to see what we did?
Maybe if you are searching some nice spots to visit in Antwerp, this will bring you on ideas!

So first of all we started of taking the bus, the bus goes straight into town so it's easy to go where we wanted to go. When we arrived in Antwerp city, we walked on the main shopping street called the Meir where we stopped at the museum of chocolate. As you know, the best chocolates are the ones from Belgium ;) So Lotte bought a few "crazy" chocolates for her dad as a souvenir.
What do I mean with crazy? Well, in Belgium you can find every kind of chocolate there is.
For example chocolate with vodka, sun dried tomatoes and bacon!
Don't ask me how they taste, because I don't know how they taste and I don't think I will ever know lol
Give me the plain chocolate ones :)
We also had a look in the kitchen, where they make the amazing chocolate, that was pretty interesting.

Afterwards we went to buy a delicious fruit juice at Fresh Fruity.
They make very nice sandwiches as well, but that we didn't eat because we where going out for dinner later that evening.

For shopping you are at the good address in Antwerp, you will find here everything you need.
For every budget, taste and style :)
On the Meir you'll find the shops you have every where in the world for example: Zara, H&M, New Look,.. and so much more of course.
But if you look deeper into Antwerp you will find the cutest shops with very unique stuff.
In Antwerp you will find the fancy shops as well such as: Gucci, Louis Vuitton and more.

Enough about the shopping, after a long day of walking we got hungry for some Italian food.
We went to a very good Italian restaurant called " The Giovannis".
It's a very big restaurant, it's cool because the restaurant is divided in three the same restaurants on the same street so not in the same building (obviously).
So enough place for everybody!
And the prices are quite inexpensive and thats nice as well :)

Afterwards we went to the movies, but not the regular movie theater where you can watch new movies.
We went to Cinema Zuid, which is a movie theater where you can watch old movies.
We went to see " Roman Holiday" with Audrey Hepburn, it was amazing!
The movie is about a princess who's sick of her everyday life doing the same things over and over again.
So she escapes from the castle and meets an American journalist.
At the end they fall in love, of course the movie is far more interesting than the way I right it!
I really recommend you guys to see this movie!

Enough "talking", here are some pictures I took that day!

Enjoy :)

Welcome to chocolate paradise,
the chocolate museum on the "meir" in Antwerp.

Chocolade made with love.

Best fresh juices in town!

We asked for a small size and we got a large one, how better can it get?!

Little bit of shopping at Sissy Boy, you can find there everything!

Let's go have a bite at The Giovannis
 And we've got a free umbrella! lol
  Off to the movies at Cinema Zuid 

Perfect ending to our perfect day! 
Hope you liked it 

xoxo Aviva

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devils in the detail. zei

wow you are so gorgeous! major hair and beauty envy right now!haha

crediin testessa zei

Auww that's so sweet! But look how's talking!

Diana S.T. zei

I´m agree, you´re so beautiful =)
your blog is great! please come visit my blog and let me know if you want us to follow each other ok!

crediin testessa zei

That's so sweet! of course I will and I already follow you! :D pls follow me back

Jodie zei

thank you so muchh for the lovely comment on my blog.
I wish you took me on your trip woth you it looks like an amazing place (and so very tasty chocolate).
I wouls love to follow each other