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vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

All my party people!

Hey loves,
I love staying at home with my boyfriend and just watching a movie..
But who doesn't like a good party?!
I know I do :)

Yesterday me and my best friends went out for dinner in a delicious Chinese restaurant called "Lucy Chan" in Antwerp and afterwards we decided to go partying!
We started of at Café D'anvers which is a very known club in Antwerp for years already.
Then we decided to go to an other club where I haven't been yet which is called the Red&Blue.
We had so much fun, it was definitely a crazyyy night!

Tomorrow I am going to a festival called "Laundry Day" in Antwerp,
I am so excited!
I will post some pictures of that as well tomorrow :).

Do you like to party and if so, where do you recommend going?
I would love to know your opinion!
Hope you are all having a fabulous day!

Xoxo Aviva

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