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woensdag 1 augustus 2012

Outfit of the "night"

Hey loves,
for a casual night out I am wearing a Leopard printed legging which I bought in H&M.
With a oversized white sweater from Esprit.
I am wearing a neckless that I have bought in Zara, 
and my new flats with studs. 
Which I bought in a random shop in London, but I don't know the brand sorry!
The bag i'm taking with me is my Zadig&Voltaire bag.

I have my leggings for a very long time now, I never really wore them till today!
Because I found it quite difficult to know what to wear with it. 
A lot of people don't like this print 
(my boyfriend for example but maybe he'll change his mind when he reads this :D) 
well I think leopard prints are very cute..
BUT of course it's all in the way you wear it!
When you are wearing a print you should pair it up with some nude colors
 like grey,white,black, bordeau,...

If you wear to much leopard print in one outfit , 
it might look tacky :( (in my opinion).
If you want to wear a print like this one, 
remember to just wear one clothing item with the print and 
the rest of your outfit should be plain and simple.


ps: I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures, it's because of the bad lighting.

I hope you like my outfit!

xoxo Aviva&Lulu (my cat :D)

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