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woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Casual Wednesday

Hey loves,
Todays outfit of the day will be very laid-back!
Because I stayed home, I wanted to dress up very casually.
Something cosy and comfortable :)
The weather in Antwerp hasn't changed much, 
it's chilly outside and it rains often :(

That's why I chose to wear my grey leggings from H&m.
Paired with my black ankle booties from Aldo, which I've bought two years ago in N.Y.C.
and they are still gorgeous!
I'm wearing a beige tank-top from H&M as well, with my new sweater from River Island which i've bought in London!
 I love it, because theres some neon yellow detailing in my sweater. 
And i've always liked the neon trend!
On my nails i'm "wearing" neon yellow nail polish from American Apparel.
For accessories i'm wearing my infinity neckless from Diamanti Per Tutti. 
I got the neckless for my birthday from my brothers :D, and i'm wearing a black heart- shaped ring with gem detailing all around the heart.
Last but not least, I'm wearing my Zadig&Voltaire watch

Here are the pictures of my outfit!

My sweater was a size too big, but I couldn't resist not buying it :)
Because it was slightly too big I thought it was cute to close the sweater with a safety pin!
Like that it doesn't look way to big.

Hope you like it!

xoxo Aviva

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