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zondag 5 augustus 2012

Lotte's Outfit of the day :)

Hey loves,
A friend from Holland, Lotte, came to visit me in Antwerp.
We had a blast, we did so many cultural activities that I didn't even knew they existed  here!
We visited really interesting places I would have never saw if she hadn't come visit me.
Lotte was very excited about my blog and because I thought
her clothes where sooo cute I decided to share them with you :)

She's wearing a sweater from Zara, her pants are from Zara as well.
Her neckless is from Mango and her bracelet is from Forever 21.
Her ballet flats are from a random shop in Costa Rica and
she bought her bag at the concert from The Maccabees!
I didn't know that band, so now I do, thanks to her! :)

Her favorite song from The Maccabees!

Hope you liked it!

Xoxo Aviva

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