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maandag 13 augustus 2012

Less Is More

Hey loves
sorry for not having posted anything new the past couple of days :(
 i've been quite busy as you can tell.
But I have some cool ideas for posts I've been working on that I think you guys will like 
( well I hope so!).

For todays "Outfit Of The Day" I will keep it "clean" and simple, because at the end they are the outfits I prefer the most. They are so easy to wear, everyone has a pair of shorts and plain white t-shirt in their wardrobe and they make a great outfit!
This outfit is good for when you are in a hurry or do not feel like really dressing up, but the nice thing about an outfit like this is that you will still look very feminine, sexy and it's very summerly!
Of course you can always pair your outfit with a cute neckless or some bracelets because adding a piece of jewelry to an outfit like this adds that little something more, but i'm sure you all know the saying: "Less is more"a phrase from the 1855 poem "Andre del Sarto, called "The Faultless Painter" by Robert Browning ( if any one was wondering haha) .And I agree with that sentence, the more you ad to an outfit the more you are likely to do something "wrong" with it, but yes everybody as his own style. You can wear whatever you feel confident in, but that's likely the way I think! :)

For my less is more outfit I am wearing my laced-detailled shorts from Topshop which you may recognize from an other outfit of the day and yes I know this look looks very similar to my other outfit of the day but like I said, I prefer simple looks the best :)
My T-shirt is from H&M, my neckless and my bracelets are from Forever 21.
My watch is from Zadig&Voltaire
My shoes are from Steve Madden.

Even though my outfit is nothing very exciting I still hope you like it :D
Let me know what you think!
And I wish you all a wonderful day :)

Xoxo Aviva

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Diana S.T. zei

hello!!!! you look so pretty, clean outfits are the greatest =)
thanks for the follow, now I´m your 5 GFC follower, and if you want you can follow me in facebook and I´ll follow back ok!


crediin testessa zei

Thank you so much, that's very sweet!
ofcourse I will follow you on fb!


Jenny zei

thank you for your comment dear <3

Jenny zei

lovely outfit gir!



UnA zei

Thanks for your visit girl!

YOu r a model! so pretty!

YEs, We can follow each other.
I followed you already.
LEt me know when u follow me back